Investment Philosophy

Our basic philosophy is based on a simple proven premise. Greater and more consistent gains can be made by investing in quality securities that are priced below their potential economic value.

We stress quality and liquidity. Stock and bond investments are principally, in substantial corporations, traded on the major stock exchanges and in U.S. Treasury Securities.

A unique diagnostic management consulting approach, from a top management viewpoint, is used in evaluating corporations. Their major opportunities and problems are appraised, as are the programs to capitalize on them. Corporate managements and their probable future effectiveness are evaluated. This includes personal contacts as appropriate.

Investments are made for the long term, in corporations with unusual opportunities, and are not limited to any one style such as growth, value, small capitalization or fixed income. Quantitative and technical analysis are used, but qualitative factors are given the most weight in selections.

While principally we are equity investors, due to the usually higher returns, we adjust asset allocations between stock, bonds, and money market funds, when appropriate.